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Advertise/Promo with DeAndrea

$10.00 – $250.00
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  • 24 hr Story Post (IG) - $10.00
  • 24 page post & 24 hr Story Post (IG) - $25.00
  • Permanent Page Post (IG) - $50.00
  • Facebook Post - $25.00
  • FB page post, story post & live interview - $50.00
  • IG & FB Bundle ( 1 IG post, 1 story post, 1 Facebook post, 1 Facebook story share - $75.00
  • Email Newsletter Spotlight - $25.00
  • Youtube Review - $25.00
  • Youtube Interview - $50.00
  • Podcast Product mention - $25.00
  • Promo Bundle - $250.00
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Advertise with DeAndrea and get your message heard.
Thank you for your interest in promoting your brand with @deandreabyrd
Please read the following in its entirety before submitting payment to avoid delays:

We do not promote nudity, anything dealing with hate, bigotry or racism, your ad will not be posted if it falls in one of these categories​.
We only post ads from 10 am - 10 pm EST and will try our best to honor the date and time if requested under sel instructions, but can not make any promises.
All ads will be posted as is, we do NOT edit, proofread or create captions, therefore, we will not add your IG name, emojis or perform a spell check.


​Place your {@} Instagram username within the first 1- 5 words of your caption to avoid users from having to click "more" to see your tag. The less work a user has to do, the better it is for you. Standard Facebook and Instagram post size is 800 x 800 pixels. Standard Facebook and Instagram story size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. is an easy to use online tool for designing and sizing your ads. Write your caption in third person to avoid confusion and check your captions for errors.

Please respond to the email you receive after purchase if you have any questions or concerns. We will only contact you if you have questions or we need more information about your AD.

You will be required to complete the following after purchase, respond to email with the following information and repeat for each individual ad purchased:

AD Number(s)
Instagram Username- example @deandreabyrd
Caption- the text that will be posted with your ad. NOTE: all caption we be posted as is. Please be sure to double check and proofread!

Special instructions or details that you want us to know. If you have a date and time preference for your ad tell us the date and time block "morning, noon, afternoon or night" (optional)


1. AD 1
2. Instagram Name
3. Caption
4. Attachment Name

1. AD 2
2. Instagram Name
3. Caption
4. Attachment Name

If you have additional question email:, with the subject 'Ad request"